Operating System Installation

We can install or reinstall the operating system on your computer. This can be done on your existing hard drive or on a replacement hard drive. This service is needed when replacing a failed primary hard drive with a new one. The OS reinstall can also make your computer run better after years of use and installing programs, uninstalling programs, updating programs, and deleting files which over time can reduce a computer's performance by contributing to "bit rot" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bit_rot#Problems_with_software

What you will get is a fresh install of your operating system, all the drivers for your computer's hardware installed, the operating system updates installed, Adobe flash player and Oracle's java runtime enviroment installed (J2RE), and an alternative web browser of your choice installed such as firefox or google chrome. We can also install microsoft security essentials antivirus software if needed. The service covers up to 3 additional software titles that you provide installed too.

This service does not include backing up the data and restoring it to the newly installed OS.


Pick-up and Delivery Repair Service